Company held "Gretel fourth worker Games"

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Reported hearing(This reporter Tang Qi) from 4 to 9 May the company held a "Gretel fourth worker games." The Games hosted by the Gretel union, company branches, the Communist Youth League, Fu can co. In addition to the company headquarters employees, Jinhe Hui Branch also sent staff participated in the Games, the event funds amounted to 110,000 yuan more games a total of 12 projects, the contestants to reach 680.

Games weeklong session, hosted by the union and the establishment of the organizing committee, the committee responsible for the activities of specific operations, including staff scheduling, publicity, registration, site links and layout, props prizes purchase work. Established events include billiards, table tennis men and women, basketball, badminton, tug of war, land boat, roll relay, imitation Bowling, 100 meters women sprint, 8 × 50-meter relay, the collective rope skipping, chess. Organizing for each project to establish one, two, three, and set up a personal individual awards and team scores award.

Through fierce competition this short week, bringing joy not only employees, or one point touched, it is a unity. Games held glow passion of employees, enhance the vitality of enterprises, so that every employee can Gretel this family work together to create success!

(Pictured chairman Wang Huajun Games for the fourth group of the top three awards)

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