Gretel 5S management company held a kick-off mee

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Reported hearing (the reporter Tang Qi) May 14 afternoon, Gretel company officially launched the "5S" site management to promote activities in Taiwan, Liu Jian Feng Business Incubation teacher's guidance, the company will use 6-8 months time, through a variety of good habits, improve staff quality, enhance the corporate image, promote the healthy development of enterprises.

Gretel company chairman Wang Huajun, Taiwan Jian Feng Ye Ruizhe Business Director, Liu Yucai teacher and assistant general manager of the company in Taiwan, Summit Business Gretel Wang Hui attended the meeting, and participants as well as deputy general manager of the company, each department manager, production supervisor and production departments grassroots group leaders. The 5S promote the meeting as a member of the Office Director Wang Huajun chairman, delivered a speech at the meeting, stressed that, in the face of increasingly fierce competition in international and domestic markets, scientific management is the cornerstone of healthy development, and only rock-solid foundation , enterprises can better and faster development.

The meeting pointed out, "5S management" is the focus of the work, this work is a business execution, proactive thinking, innovation, work force, negotiated an important force test. Adhere to the "three high and one low" that high-security, high-quality, high efficiency, low cost, establish and improve the quality system to standardization, refinement of the site management to improve production efficiency and promote the company "steady growth, reduce costs, and promote management "development goals.

(Pictured Taiwan Jian Feng, director of CG leaf Ruizhe Speech)

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