"Gretel Cup" in Yuyao City, the fifth week of tech

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(Pictured rattan skills competition site)

To thoroughly Yuyao Municipal Third Plenary Session of the Fourteenth spirit, deepen, "Sarkozy struggling to innovation-driven, quality and efficiency to contribute" Campaign workers further stimulated the city's large number of employees dedication, enthusiasm, innovation and excellence, and promote the rich beauty the new building harmony and happiness in Yuyao, Yuyao labor competition committee, Yuyao City Federation of Trade Unions and other units jointly organized workers technological progress Yuyao fifth week, time is 23 to 29 May, the main activities of the honor, in recognition of advanced, held eight representatives of industry characteristics, Yuyao industrial operations skills competition. I am fortunate enough to host one of "casual rattan furniture industry skills competition."

May 26 afternoon, "Gretel Cup" Yuyao City, the fifth week of technological progress casual workers rattan furniture industry skills contest was held in my company, The rattan competition by Yuyao City Federation of Trade Unions, Union Huangjiabu sponsored by the company contractor, there were from Ningbo Great Leisure products Co., Ltd., Yuyao City Tak Bai leisure Furniture Co., Ltd. Ningbo Branch of daily necessities morning, sharp-resistant leisure Products Co., Ltd. Ningbo Yuyao Winbond leisure Products Co., Ltd. 15 casual furniture manufacturing enterprises 100 contestants, is the most current technological advances workers in the skills competition eight weeks the number of entries, the largest of a skills competition. Enterprises contestants full of energy, display their skills, the race to demonstrate a good business skills and high-quality professional style.

Yuyao Union party secretary, deputy chairman Zhou Hongxia, Xu-Ming Wang, vice minister of the Ministry of grassroots Minister rights protection department Yucheng Zhong, deputy director of the Federation of Trade Unions office Tengjian Ming, deputy director of Human Resources and Social Security Bureau Zhu Wei Wei, deputy party Huangjiabu secretary Gao Li Sheng, Huangjiabu Union president Yan Yun-nan, Yu Shi Di General Federation of Trade Unions town line of eight people had come to watch the game live guide, and at the end of the match award for the winning staff.

By organizing this operation skills competition, stimulate enthusiasm and creativity of employees, and actively guide the enthusiasm of the workers learning technologies to enhance the professional skill level. Class struggle, a benefit for the contribution, based on the job, than learning to catch, better pool the wisdom and strength of the workers, and strive to build a strictly regulated, highly efficient, dynamic and harmonious relationship between workers, continue to promote technological innovation and promote economic development has laid a solid foundation for the harmonious development of Yuyao City.

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