Chongwen small reporter visited the Division I Col

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Reported hearing(This reporter Jingjing) May 17 morning, the reporter and his small southern Chongwen College 20 people were led down counselors visit the Division I learn. As an important supplement to the school classroom, the main purpose of this event is to allow students to factory environment and production equipment, technology, processes have important perceptions.

Between teachers and students first visited the engineering center and a sample company, our products observe the series of processes from raw material to finished product, by asking young reporters who have exhibited the work of the vivid scene of great interest.

After the visit, teachers and students gathered at the executive floor large conference room, listened to Mr. Wang Hui, vice president of About Gretel situation and developments, and should be required to share the development of their students at all stages of life and ideal career. At the meeting, each small reporters are eager to ask questions, to Gretel vine culture, philosophy, business head, and so raised various issues, the atmosphere lively.

Through this activity, so that small reporter who horizons, updated for learning new concepts, but also to Gretel taken a firm step in the hope of welcome, to lead the future of the road.

(The picture shows a small reporter visited the workshop)

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