Gretel League to participate in Yuyao Jiantuan 92

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Reported hearing(The reporter) May 4 morning, the Chinese Communist Youth League Jiantuan 92 anniversary 95th anniversary "May Fourth" movement commemorative meeting was held in Yuyao City Hall conference group. Chinese Communist Party secretary Zhu Xiao Bei Yuyao, Yuyao the CPC Municipal Committee, vice mayor Zhao JUNIOR, Wei Limin, deputy director of Municipal People's Congress, CPPCC Vice Chairman Ye Wenlong, group party secretary Yan Wenyuan, deputy secretary of the Hangzhou Han, Zhao Kewei Wang 罕杰 Shen rain wind, Vice City Youth Federation Zhang, Yuan Haihong, Zhang Jianxin, Li Lifeng City Youth Association for enterprises attended the meeting. Gretel League with all sectors of the city's 300 youth attended the meeting.

At the meeting, four red flag in recognition of the 2013 Urban League, League branch, Youth Civilization Award 20th anniversary activities, youth civilization activities, such as the 20th anniversary of the Ten Outstanding Brand of advanced group of organizations and individuals. Zhu Xiao Bei to the majority of young people presented at the conference "Scienscope good science, good to do good, the good ritual worshipers" three wishes, vigorously carry forward the socialist morality, youth volunteers to become actively involved in volunteer activities.

The Assembly also held a "CYL lead, by a dream of youth" 00 to join the league after the ceremony, the city 150 00 student representatives attended the ceremony to honor to join the league. Finally, the Assembly heard Comrade Han Yongsheng national model worker "model workers learn to let youth flash" deeds report.

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