Company to carry out fire safety training

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Reported hearing(This reporter Jingjing) to further strengthen the company's security work, to enhance fire safety awareness and self-defense self-help capacity of workers, effectively prevent fire accidents, especially major fire accidents. May 24, organized by the administrative department of a firm knowledge of fire safety training and practical exercises, various departments of the company more than 40 employees participated in the event.

Company security squad leader 沈建良 different environments fire hazard, fire caused by factors in various places, fire characteristics, escape and rescue, content approach measures, combined with daily life examples, carefully analyze and explain the topic. And asked to convey this knowledge must take, to teach more people around, the work of which play well in peacetime duty firefighters, volunteer propagandists role in the face of danger can be the first charge, and work together to exercise restraint in the cradle of the accident the.

After the theoretical lectures, organize the participants to carry out outdoor fire drills, fire fighting staff to personally follow the steps to master the use of fire-fighting equipment.

Through training and learning, enables participants to understand and are familiar to consolidate the use and maintenance of fire fighting equipment knowledge to improve the awareness and prevention of fire fighting capability, when a fire occurring in the future can be effective and comprehensive protection of the company's property and the lives of workers security has laid a solid foundation.

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