"Gretel my home" speech contest held

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Reported hearing(Newspaper reporter meter satisfied good) and the spring tide, accompanied by Xia Yun, we meet in the family together to witness Gretel fourteen years of ups and downs. At 0:30 on April 26, "Gretel my home" speech contest at the Cultural Center on the third floor studio kicked off, 13 players from various departments have power, to speak out their feelings and upbringing, expression of the company's passion and pursuit of the cause, let the warmth penetrate the heart between each employee.

Leaders attended the event and guests have a member of the company General Manager's Office Shao Chunsheng, Xu Jianjiang, Yuyao TV host Zhouling Hong. Huangjiabu school teacher Yao Wei, deputy general manager of the company PAN Yan Seoul, assistant general manager Wang Hui, Zhu Chun wooden union president, IT vice president of the Blue Wave as the tournament judges.

On the podium, the players or high-pitched, or truth, or humor, or touched, impressed the judges laugh and live three hundred spectators. Eventually, the Ministry of Trade Zhangshuang Yan, two cheerful summer spray to get the first prize in the competition, administration facilities and a high red red Figueroa won the second prize, the R & D department Yaping, security classes Chen Jianliang, the Ministry of Finance Jin Jin Tao won the third prize, Weng Shuya, Yangguo Yong, Zhang Jianyong, rock clubs soldiers, Fuze Guang, Ren yan receive the award.

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