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June 25 evening, the cultural center of the studio waves of applause, warm water in passionate rhythms inspired among the company's annual awards ceremony concluded Gretel officially kicked off. Gretel company chairman and general manager Wang Huajun, General Manager's leadership Shao Chunsheng, Xujian Jiang, PAN Yan Er, Ho Ming talk on behalf of Wang Hui, Chen Bin Huangjiabu town Party committee member, Gretel corporate partners, outsourcing units commended the advanced group leaders and outstanding individuals, companies and Gretel cadres and staff on behalf of nearly 600 people attended the meeting.

Gretel company chairman and general manager Wang Huajun delivered a speech at the meeting, the members of his General Manager's Office on behalf of the company to come to the venue of our friends, colleagues and a warm welcome! To all get advanced collectives and outstanding individuals, warm congratulations! Fighting to obscurity in the production line, and all the staff for their hard work in their respective positions, expressed heartfelt thanks!

In his speech, Wang Huajun recalled the 2013 work, presented the work of the first half of 2014. He noted that in affirming our achievements, certainly honor when we have to face shortage. He asked all the staff to do a line, love line, fine line, together, will create an industry leader Gretel and benchmarking!

At the meeting, Chairman Wang Huajun, Chen Bindeng Huangjiabu town Party committee leadership has advanced sectors in order to obtain the year 2013, advanced workshops, advanced team, advanced outsourcing units and other advanced collectives, and access to 2013 Outstanding department manager, excellent workshop competent, excellent team leader, excellent staff and other outstanding individual awards. (The reporter)

(Pictured Huangjiabu town Party committee member and chairman Wang Huajun Chen Bin, winner for outstanding managers awarded a certificate)

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