The first phase of 5S meeting summary

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June 19 afternoon, Gretel company wrap-up meeting was held in the first phase of 5S Cultural Center training room, Gretel, chairman of the company, 5S implementation committee chairman Wang Huajun, deputy general manager of the company Xujian Jiang, deputy general manager of the company, 5S Promotion Committee the Director-General Wang Hui, Liu Jian-feng instructor Yucai, company production manager one, two, three, and total positions, the assistant manager, workshop supervisor, team leader, a total of more than 100 people attended the meeting.

Chairman Gretel company chairman Wang Huajun 5S implementation committee at the meeting to promote the work of the first phase of 5S highly positive, he said, achieved very good results since the start 5S month, thanks to Liu's counseling and colleagues efforts. Wang Huajun for the second phase of work requirements that he hoped all the staff working in the next step to further improve the ideological and make persistent efforts to achieve the mind, to do a good job!

At the meeting, Deputy General Manager, 5S Promotion Committee Director-General Wang Hui reported a summary of the work of the first phase of 5S, a production manager Yu Guoxiang, Production Manager bipartite Zhang Jianyong, reported on the first phase of 5S summary of the work of their departments.

Jian Feng Liu Yucai company made a speech teacher training for half an hour, so here's a more in-depth production cadres comprehensive understanding of job content 5S 5S and grasp the significance of the work.

It was also in recognition of the first phase of 5S excellent workshop, a good shop, outstanding cases.

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