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Reported hearing (the reporter Jingjing) April 21 morning, Yuyao City Council mountain Zhu Min, deputy director of Industry and Commerce party of four arrived Gretel, to get our new "credit management model enterprise in Ningbo City," be awarding.

Zhu Min Division I first received the honor to congratulate then on how to develop business credit system, enhance corporate credit corporate credit accumulation and accelerate the construction of proposed guidance on the content and encourage enterprises to redouble their efforts to continue to participate in the provincial credit rating enterprise management model to prepare. Meanwhile, the winners also current business problems and difficulties with staff in the presence of credit building conducted in-depth exchanges.

It is reported that the city's total of eight companies were identified as "2013 Annual Ningbo Credit Management Model Enterprise", and another five companies reporting through renewal. Credit management model of enterprises identified as business credit building and establish a benchmark, but also greatly promoted the development of the city's credit system construction.

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