"Micro-aspiration" round workers' children League

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Reported hearing (the reporter Jia satisfied meter) in mid-April, the company planning the Communist Youth League organized a "micro-aspiration of unclaimed child care staff activities." Preparatory work continued for two weeks, collected by the League of micro-aspiration of employees' children who are three production lines from the company and the executive line, and ultimately raise 19 small wish.

Children one by one tender was impressed by the good wishes of everyone, including a wish and said: There is a little warm wishes "Mom and Dad busy with work, I want a baby bear with me.": "I think to a football, and I can move together in small partners. "company League also carefully prepared a" micro wish wall ", these small wish posted on the wall, in the April 30, by the various departments of the company manager participation claimed by their desire to round little kids.

After the event, the company secretary of the Communist Youth League Tang Qi said: This is just a small company activities organized child care staff, employees tend to be overlooked in the busy work out of small children's wish, I hope the company can bring to these small birds are more happy, healthy child may also wish employees thrive!

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