Huangjiabu "feat tongue" staff restaurant cooking

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Reported hearing(This reporter Jingjing) "Food" diet in people's lives plays a pivotal role. April 22, organized by the Union of Huangjiabu "skills tongue" catering chef cooking competition kicked off in the staff canteen, corporate chef Wengliang Huan, Zhang Ga, Jinhe Hui company Wei diqing attended by representatives Gretel competition.

There Huilong representatives participate in the competition, Gretel company representatives, company representatives Jie Li, Ou Luntai company representatives, shine Thermo representatives, representatives Shunjiang plating, printing and dyeing Tatham representatives, representatives of 12 companies Fuhua representative teams 21 players. Each player were cooking four dishes were faced with competition rules from the color, smell, taste, shape Quartet competition dishes to give a rigorous assessment, the assessment by the Yuyao cooking (chef) served as school principal Chen Hongjun line.

Race in full swing, the venue has been unusually lively. Players are even more attentively, resorted versatile recount. Finally, after several hours of effort, the work presented in succession, so that people in front of one of the bright.

After a rigorous final assessment, the company was awarded the First Prize on behalf of Zhang Ga, Weng Lianghuan won the third prize, Jinhe Hui won the second was on behalf of, the award-winning staff have received advanced or intermediate chef qualifications. Through this competition, not only provides a charismatic stage for employees, but also increased the players together to learn from each other, interact with each other, learn from each other and jointly improve the opportunity to promote good health through cooking, improve our quality of life.

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