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March 18, Huangjiabu League joint agricultural town office, the organization of the village cadres and village enterprises, more than 40 volunteers in four Huangjiabu Hengjiang river carry "rule by five water meritorious deeds of youth voluntary service apricots blue water wind "Mother River Protection. Our League seven youth members also joined the tree planting activity Qinghe.

In the morning, enterprises and institutions of volunteers and Wang Tong village, sixteen villages Mother River Protection volunteer brigade volunteers planting trees on the river bank in batches, cleaning up the river fishing and other floating debris. Our members young volunteers roll up their sleeves and start planting clean up garbage, looking at the green banks of small trees and clean environment for our members feel the youth volunteering in the results, but also allows us to appreciate in our daily life the importance of protecting the environment. "Plant a tree, clearing a River" starting from the side, carefully protected our mother river.

(Pictured League member companies jointly planting)

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