Meeting of the Company on behalf of women cum Gene

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March 8 afternoon, the cultural center on the third floor in the company, Ningbo Women Congress and Gretel Company Board Assembly election was held successfully. To attend the meeting are members of the party branch secretary Xu Jianjiang company General Manager's Office, who is responsible for the administrative assistant Wang Wang Hui, Zhu Chun wood company union president, vice chairman of the trade union committee director Wang Lifen female employees, the company Wah Ying union members, as well as various departments outstanding female elected representatives of the employees of the workshop. Meeting, the company told the league secretary Tangqi Greetings, Wang Lifen behalf of the Committee on behalf of the last women's summary of the work done over the past five years and the next five years, Xu, Deputy General Manager's Office on behalf of the leadership of the company to all female employees the company sent three eight Women's Day greeting, and the last Fu can put forward valuable suggestions and work to give the new organization hopes. Finally, the General Assembly's agenda by way of an election, the second session of the Conference of Women Representative elected a Board Director - Wang Lifen, six members of the Board - Left Mei Qi, skin Ruxia, CHEN Hua-ying, Wang Lili, Zhou Guihua, Tang Qi.

                                               (Fu can Wang Lifen)

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