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March 15 afternoon, in the company's cultural center on the second floor activity room party members held a meeting on the archived file data set, the meeting was chaired by the Assistant General Manager of the company, Wang Hui, head of the administrative line, the company responsible for the comprehensive archives Zhu Haruki, department managers and department heads participated archives conference.

At the meeting, all participants will study together the enterprise archive and organize files related to knowledge management, but also a clear understanding of the contents of the archive file and requirements of the department, the meeting host and integrated archivist meeting also stressed the various departments focus on the meaning and importance of the archive files: files are firsthand record and reflect the company's activities and historical features of the production, operation, management and scientific research and other work basis and reference, but also a valuable asset of enterprises. Good file management, technology and knowledge to help companies increase reserves, and promote the protection of intellectual property and trade secrets well, and provide a strong guarantee for the sustainable development of enterprises; help companies better able to withstand the risk of market competition at home and abroad the ability to play the role of a file based and certificate at a critical time, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises; helps enterprises to build business credit system, enhance the integrity, establish a corporate image; help companies strengthen their own culture, the use of rich and vivid file material, showing the course of entrepreneurship development, training of staff identity and belonging, innovative business ideas, enhance their cultural taste.

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