Company is Yuyao tax year 2013 top fifty

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March 24, 2014, the Company received from the Yuyao City Finance Bureau issued a "2013 tax year Yuyao top fifty companies' medals. This is the sixth Gretel company won the award over the years. Chairman Wang Huajun also once again received this honor.

2013 year, our annual total payment of taxes amounting to 26.14 million yuan, the total tax is not only one of the top fifty ranked Yuyao former manufacturing and twenty strong. Gretel company since its inception 14 years and every year to fight breakthroughs, the company leadership cadres believe that only by constantly moving forward, is the key to win. Steady growth in sales year after year, new year's opener is the company has brought great encouragement. Manager's Office this year introduced nine-character principle for the development of a new quarter, opened a navigation light.

In this year, the company will do a better job of tax work, and actively work with local financial institutions, striving for excellence, for the local economic development of Ningbo Yuyao make the greatest contribution, and it shares the momentum continues to go!

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