Achieve a good start in January and February rose

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These days, in Ningbo Great Leisure Products Co., Ltd. production base of the container terminal, every day more than 30 containers of outdoor leisure furniture box shipments. Gretel put into use last year's new production base is showing strong productivity advantage. From January to February this year, companies have realized export delivery value of nearly 200 million yuan, an increase of 60%, exports ranked three in front of Yuyao, Ningbo, ranked No. 35 in the whole market.

Gretel outdoor leisure furniture products for the international high-end market, the next few years, the situation in Europe affected by the slowdown in the environment front, companies focus their work on internal promotion. For previous years, the continued downturn in economic environment, Ningbo Great Leisure Products Co., Ltd. with their product and market confidence in the prospects of increasing new product development, production bases and emerging market expansion efforts in the international economy from warm rebound moment ushered in leaps and bounds.

Gretel company chairman and general manager Wang Huajun, said in an interview: a few years ago, or in the market downturn, make a good investment in fixed assets, then wait for the market to pick up, we can quickly put into production. Such a judgment is also based on our products, the market confidence.

Wang Huajun said: especially in the United States and Europe, we have set up their own designer team. We are in the design abroad, the production and manufacture of products on the domestic side. So, in recent years, the rapid development of our products and the market. Currently, Gretel six series of products are varieties of thousands, every day there are two or three new production. As Euronext listed companies, the EU market has been the main battlefield Gretel, but the rapid growth this year, and contributed to expand in emerging markets, such as the U.S. market sales increased from the previous accounting for less than 10% to Today, about 30%.

In addition, with the upgrading of the level of domestic consumption, the national demand for outdoor leisure products will also increase, at present, the company is a competitive differentiation to seize the domestic market in the Northeast. Wang Huajun said Gretel next few years, not only in the U.S. market on the layout of a greater movement, but also the layout of the domestic market by the full three-year period, to seek greater development.

(Pictured chairman Wang Huajun accepted Yuyao television reporter to interview)

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