Company managers meeting held

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February 17 afternoon, the company held a joint meeting at the Cultural Center department on the second floor party room. Company chairman Wang Huajun, deputy general manager Shao Chunsheng, Xujian Jiang, PAN Yan Er, Ho Ming Chief Financial Officer, attended the meeting to talk about the company and the relevant department managers who attended the meeting.

Conference agenda is divided into four. First, by the chairman of the company Mr. Wang Huajun announced personnel changes in the company's current management, and management personnel after adjusting high hopes that this mobilization to bring new weather, to work to bring new passion, fought for in our company, or to leave colleagues blessing!

Followed by the department manager, assistant supervisor for 2013 summarizes the work carried out, and in 2014 the work prospects. Meeting, the newly appointed assistant general manager Wang Hui, human resources, security and corporate website revision work to report to work, and established in 2014 with the goal of working direction, will focus on staffing, recruitment, personnel training efforts .

Manager of the Finance Department Fu Su-ling full year of operating conditions in 2013 were analyzed and summarized overall system, and in 2014 the focus of the deployment. 2014 will be nine-character principle of "cost reduction" as the center, put forward a reasonable and effective cost reduction programs to strengthen internal management departments, the new year will be the Ministry of Finance established the verification team, compressed unnecessary costs, strict control, strict control .

Supply of various departments, with a total warehouse Rattan Manufacturing, Health Department, Administration Department, Ministry of Shipping, Trade Ministry has made a summary of the work and planning, on product sourcing, outsourcing management, human resources, marketing, product development aspects, product quality, production management, team building and exchange of experience were reported.

Finally, the overall work of the members of the General Manager's ideas and priorities for the year 2014 were working full deployment. To do in the new year in the "four good" - planned, refinement is good, perform well, monitoring well, tightly around the company expanded nine-character principle related work. Strengthen the operational management, improve enterprise efficiency, further reinforce human, financial, production, marketing and other infrastructure management, to further enhance operations and project implementation capacity and further improve profitability, company performance and strive to a higher level, to ensure that the operations in 2014 the goal of reaching!

(Reporter He Jingjing)

(Pictured company managers meeting was held)

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