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Gretel in stormy laughter and joy has gone through more than a dozen years, with the pace of the company forward as I also ushered in my first ten years. New Year quietly approaching footsteps again, each department supplies, shipping, production and other efforts are in the final sprint for the ship doing the work before the end of the year. But every year is the company that most voices, most hurry place than a container terminal. Into the company's new factory, we can see far neat dozen cars parked at the container terminal container waiting, loading containers may seem simple, but it is still very particular ways and means.

January 28 morning (twenty eighteen years), Hu Jun led several male colleagues went to the office of research and development to help loading containers. How to install a container? How rational use of space placed right product? How to find the corresponding container products in the warehouse? Every detail must have orderly conduct of, which requires experience and good leadership ability to control. Transportation workshop to help verify a good squad first single box number, and then help to find the area where the product, how to teach the corresponding marks breakdown product barcode and product number on the carton. As the saying goes: Teachers open the door, practice on its own. R & D lads started "grinding fist-rattling," the division of labor between them, and some go check marks, and some went to pull the dray pulled products, some checklist detail, and some took a tape measure on paper carton size ...... the theory needs to be supported by practical action to enrich the next workshop grow their own ability to learn is a very good training in the actual operation of the continuous improvement of production usually work in question can not be found on the product carton performance when installed as container understanding, it can reasonably be placed correctly, it will not cause damage to the product, which could save a reasonable mix of assembly space, more cost savings. Clearly, joint efforts paid off, they completed a neat loading tasks.

In order to smooth delivery, better for the future development of the company, together with the production department and colleagues sweat, grow together move forward together, happy to work in this Gretel groups forge ahead in unity, progress is our best long-cherished wish.

(Wang Lifen)

(Pictured company Container Terminal)

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