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February 17 afternoon, the department manager of the company held meetings, the participants signed a leading cadres honest commitment agreement. Meeting by the chairman and general manager Wang Huajun chaired members and the general manager's office manager, responsible participants.

At the meeting, Deputy General Manager of PAN Yan Seoul announced the "Independent Gretel company cadres of staff commitment agreement", describes the importance of honest enterprise agreement. Company General Manager's Office and Vice President Shao Chunsheng members, Xujian Jiang, PAN Yan Seoul, talk and assistant general manager Wang Hui Ho Ming, as the company on behalf of all the leading cadres, and the chairman and general manager Wang Huajun signed an agreement honest commitment.

Against commitment agreement in duplicate, Party as chairman, general manager, General Manager's Office Party is a member, deputy general manager and department manager, responsible person.

Since 2012, the company is strengthening of good governance, all leading cadres, must enter into a commitment agreement Against annually.

(Reporter Jia meter Carolina)

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