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January 16, Union Vice Yuyao Zhou Hongxia, deputy party secretary Huangjiabu high Li Sheng, Huang Yan Yun Nan Town Union president and his party came Gretel 6 condolences and carry out the "Spring Warmth" campaign. Company chairman Wang Huajun, union president Zhu Chun wood, branch secretary Xu Jianjiang were received.

First reported by the chairman Mr. Wang Huajun the current business situation and next year's production and business development plans, and efforts to protect the remaining factory workers during the Spring Festival to normal production and living order to ensure that our employees enjoy a happy and auspicious Spring Festival. Secondly, the union president Zhu Chun Wood also reported on the union during the Spring Festival will take many forms, in-depth understanding of specific employees want, need, do a solid job difficult employees work during the Spring Festival, the most serious concern to solve the workers, most direct and most practical interests, trying to solve problems for the difficulties workers, the company led to the care of the workers on the heart.

Yuyao City Federation of Trade Unions, said Vice Chairman Zhou Hongxia, companies must be concerned in the production and management of production workers and resolved simultaneously, life issues, efforts to run things for the masses of workers, problem-solving things, the maximum extent possible to help them, so that workers really feel the company the warmth of family.

Subsequently, Zhou Hongxia vice chairman of the company and workers in difficulty Wang Yingping, Yu Zedong carried out face to face communication, asking its life and health situation and sent a condolence payments, sent to them in advance of the holiday wishes. Town Chairman Yan Yun-nan Union also sent condolences on behalf of the town of Union goods.

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