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Company Press News won the second Ningbo enterprises "good news" prize

January 21, "Ningbo City Enterprise News Association Annual Conference in recognition of the General Assembly" held in Ningbo Friendship Hotel. Meeting on the work of the association in 2013 to do a summary review of the deployment of the task in 2014, and the second session of the Ningbo enterprises "good news" in recognition of the award-winning articles.

It is reported that, in order to further improve the quality newspaper reported, improve staff quality newspaper, reported full play to guide the work, experience and active role in the exchange of cultural construction units, the city has embarked on a business newspaper "good news" contest. The event winners were Top 75 Division I, entitled "Blessing sent employees a gift soon," the article won the third prize at the event.

Gretel focus on innovation and win the future

January 20, "Ningbo City Leisure Products Industry Association Annual Conference will welcome Year of the Horse" was held in Ningbo Golden International Hotel. The annual meeting of the Association participated by Hugh authorities and various members. Meeting for work in 2013, Ningbo Leisure Products Industry Association has done a review and sum up the work done on the 2014 plan.

At the meeting, Xu Yunlong Hugh Association Secretary-General said that in 2013 the Association conscientiously work more satisfactory completion of the work, but also a member of a certain increase in the new year the Association will continue to do to implement leading driven, BaoTuan development, win-win cooperation, adhere to the two-way service, communication platform, to better serve the member services. The meeting also awarded various awards for the year 2013, our company was awarded the "Innovation Award", the company adhering to innovation and development, win-win future.

Annual meeting organizers also arranged a variety of programs, each member of the Horse celebrate in a relaxed atmosphere.

Yuyao 2013 rankings hundred companies to pay taxes on the list released Gretel

January 23, Yuyao good news story published in a daily newspaper - "Yuyao 2013 rankings hundred companies to pay taxes," Our overall ranking of 45, which ranked 16th in the manufacturing category, our full year 2013 Total to pay taxes amounting to 26.14 million yuan.

As one of the top twenty in Yuyao City, our company has for many years topped Yuyao tax hundred Honor List. The company has to fulfill the social, political, economic, cultural Four responsibility for the mission, while constantly strengthening management, which aims to contribute to and fulfill tax obligations for economic development and cultural Yuyao made a corresponding contribution. I hope all the staff are still twelfth with enthusiasm, full of spirit into the work, even better, create brilliant.

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