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In order to form the correct approach to business companies, operating seminar held General Manager's members. In business seminars, in 2014 the most appropriate business projects, to discuss how to introduce funds to support and expand the scale of production to ensure product quality, reduce costs, ensure product sales, accelerate cash flow, for more profits and other problems. Operating seminar also examined the company's organizational and problem management system, etc.. Nine words summed up the company's 2014 annual total operating principle: "steady growth, reduce costs, and promote management."

First, the steady growth

Long-term development of the company in the course of ten years, from an old school to now two acres of land for the production plant. Gretel in progress, Gretel's teams grow. Riding is the desire of the company has always been. The new plant was completed in 2013, the production of two, producing three new teams to join and improvement, which is the company's development and production plays an active role in guiding. The team has a new, adequate space and human resources to develop new products to win more patent cases, in this year, the production capacity increased gradually. After all kinds of large-scale exhibitions at home and abroad, the company's sales team and customer contact are getting closer. So in 2014 our priority was "steady growth." Growth in business volume and growth companies!

Second, reduce costs

Control our costs, priority needs to pay close attention to the administrative department and production department. With the company growing sector gradually improve mobility company personnel also will be larger, how to effectively check the various job functions of human resources staff are worth thinking about. Besides the administrative department to strictly enforce nuclear program price, so shop around for the most affordable price best quality to the procurement of goods, office supplies consumption must be clear standards, the implementation of a fixed resource use, recipients, quota management. To be able to deploy the priority is given to use, reduce duplication configuration. Needed for non-production items, to suspend procurement, procurement priority to ensure production needs. To supervise the production of material for the production of materials to reduce wolf fee to help customize the amount of scientific and rational use of materials planning. Warehouse and administrative system called continuous follow trade limited requisitioned all employees, saving use; Administration expenses per month for each statistical categories, organize relevant departments and personnel to analyze, for unreasonable or Yajian space proposed as next month decrement goals and tasks. Work is the company cut costs to reduce costs, increase efficiency of a long-term task, building a conservation-oriented enterprises is to take meticulous management of road to pass. As an administrative back office, we must have a high sense of responsibility and dedication, to reduce costs as the breakthrough point, innovation and development, the storm together.

Third, promote management

Management is the backbone of the enterprise, a great responsibility. Therefore, changing the subject to date there have been all kinds of irregularities and negative behavior, for the company's revitalization and development best. While some managers still lack experience in the business, is also a lack of specific industries or special technology, however, as long as serious and responsible, bold and practical experience can be accumulated technology also can learn. Managers must overcome the idea of doing nothing, assiduously technology, conscientiously sum up experience, competence assume the task. Feelings of harmony and mutual support work among managers is very important. To this end, we must strengthen the links between them. In addition to verbal contact, but also through the company intranet, internal mail exchange to strengthen ties.

Although the company still has a lot of work, the department is not perfect, you need to devote their energies to finishing. But hope that all departments can focus on discussion of these nine words, and really implemented into the new year's work among. The company not only to get more profits, but also to form good relationships within the company, so that all employees working at the time of the company, like living in a family, as their core values: "Gretel, my home." 2014, please work together to create a better tomorrow Gretel!

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