Youth League to carry out "warm winter warmth" Wel

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Winter solstice, a traditional Chinese dumplings known. The company currently is at peak production, the staff was busy working on weekdays, as far away from Gretel let employees feel in the winter warmth of home, the afternoon of December 21, the Communist Youth League organizations planned by the company, the four groups together to participate in branch "Warm Winter warmth" winter solstice dumplings greet event held at the company cafeteria, in the cold winter for the staff to send a bowl of hot dumplings.

12:00, a huge contingent of cadres from the Communist Youth League, and four branches composed of more than 40 young people, under the leadership of the company with the support and cafeteria activities smoothly. We stuck chop chopping, mixing, seasoning, stuffing minute drive, clear division of labor, orderly. Many young employees did not experience dumplings, but in order to allow employees to eat hot dumplings are trying to learn, advice method, through our efforts, three p.m. 3000 emissions dumplings completed neatly in the tray.

Before dinner, in the company cafeteria with, 3,000 dumplings pan assigned to the staff on hand, the winter solstice dining staff eating dumplings are delicious thumbs have said, to the young Communist Youth League cadres gratitude. League secretary Tang Qi said hosting such events will not only unite all members of youth united company, more importantly, to the company's employees to bring a warm and caring and really make them feel homely warmth, better reflect the company cultural core "Gretel, my home." We hope that this winter solstice Gretel staff is warm my heart!

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