Companies to accept the "Create Yuyao City" party

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December 17, Yuyao City Federation of Trade Unions researcher Sun Jixiang, protect the interests of the Ministry of Yucheng Zhong Minister, Minister of the Ministry of grassroots St. Stephen Wu, Zhou Guoqiang and his three colleagues in Huangjiabu Union president Yan Yun-nan, accompanied visit Division I "Create Yuyao City demonstration unions, leading pack project "site assessment and acceptance inspection, the company branch secretary Xujian Jiang, Zhu Chun wooden union president, vice-chairman Wang Lifen unions, trade unions participated in the General left Mei Qi acceptance. Acceptance Group Leaders listened carefully to our demonstration unions, leading pack works create reports on the situation, review the information and create a lot of information on the daily work of trade unions, to create work for my company gave a positive assessment. After the data evaluation and acceptance of our union leader 孙吉祥 affirmed the work, he said, whether the activities of trade unions standardized construction, position construction unions, trade unions institution building, or trade union organizations, are very well, the information is also very comprehensive. Finally, all the leaders have made many valuable comments and suggestions union work, so we work on the future of trade unions have a more clear goals.

As trade unionists, we will further strengthen the trade union standardized construction, solid basis for the work of trade unions to raise the overall level of trade union work, give full play to the role of a bridge between the union between the party and the trade unions within the enterprise, company managers and employees, adhering to the "service enterprises, to promote the development, service workers, unite the people, serve the community, promote stability, "the three service aims to provide service enterprises, service workers, social services contribution.

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