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Gretel rattan plant was named Ningbo City Youth Gang safety demonstration

Jointly organized by the Communist Youth League of Ningbo Municipal Administration of Work Safety, Ningbo City, "2013 Annual Ningbo youth safety demonstration Kong" contest announced a few days ago, our rattan plant list.

2013, Yuyao municipal corporation, union organizations at various levels safety supervision departments to seriously implement the spirit of the party's 18 fully implement the scientific development concept of safe development, and actively organize youth gang activities to create a safety demonstration, guided majority of young workers continue to strengthen the city's safety awareness, improve production safety skills.

The activities to create the city's total assessment Ningbo youth safety demonstration Kong honor two companies, including our rattan workshop will one of them. Workshop young employees actively in the daily production of innovative working methods, improve the working mechanism, and build an effective barrier young workers safe production, promotion of safe production in full play an exemplary role.

My driver was named Mullen repair Ban Chang Yuyao young skilled positions title

To further implement the spirit of the party's 18 effectively promote "My Chinese Dream" theme educational practice, the city's organizations at various levels, the industry system through the organization, "I line my show" 2013 Yuyao City youth and other vocational skills competition class young workers skills contest activities, organizing and guiding the city's youth and constantly improve their professional skills and professionalism.

My driver Zhang Mullen repair classes at the event was named "2013 Yuyao City Youth skilled positions" title. September 2007, Zhang Mullen directly after graduating from Jiangxi Xiushui County Vocational Technical School Equipment maintenance department doing my apprenticeship, which a few years he was studious, diligent study of the master's teachings to heart long to others in good faith , to work actively, respect leadership, unity colleagues to take part in the company and the city, township organized a variety of activities, is a comprehensive technology, positive youth activists.

Under the leadership of this outstanding young, the company will record high in the casual furniture industry, lay the foundation for the realization of a dream Gretel compacted.

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