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November 3, accompanied by a clear autumn comfort Gretel company ushered in the third Yuyao business club members gathering. The event held in honor in Division I, chairman Wang Huajun said he was honored to have cordial greetings to 12 entrepreneurs from Yuyao City, the well-known enterprises, and to express their most sincere welcome arrival.

The business club members to visit our company is divided into three main agenda: a business club members visit the company finished product samples. 2 visit to the new plant, inspect the production line. 3 held a forum. First, Wang led everyone into the inter-company sample, club members introduce to you the structure of our products, production processes, and product trends, and so on. All entrepreneurs on the Division I said he was praised outdoor leisure products, materials, environmentally friendly fashion, craft special, delicate appearance. After visiting the sample between the king and we will move forward towards the total new factory direction. Along the way, Wang continued to introduce our new factory covers an area, as well as the completion time of job functions and production sectors pipeline operations. We watched one entrepreneur pipe cutting process, welding, grinding, spray and rattan craft workers, and finally visited the packaging and finished products warehouse, until visiting the workshop has been nearly 11 o'clock, everyone gathered Gretel Cultural Center on the third floor party room began forum. The theme of the forum is for "Enterprise disaster situation and report back to work after the disaster." Yuyao municipal government leaders are particularly concerned about the situation of enterprises, party secretary Maohong Fang, Ming Xi mayor went to the site to participate in the discussion.

Raffles, said: Most of the entrepreneurs in the presence of a typhoon floods of October 7, "Buffett" will bring heavy rainfall caused losses, equipment, personnel, financial aspects are subject to a greater impact. But there are many of them the next day on the third day after the disaster resumed production work, thanks to the company's emergency plan to do good, positive self-help employees, officers mindful of the company, was able to methodically reconstruction work was get on. Other entrepreneurs have also reported their own businesses deal with the disaster situation and disaster recovery work, although this disaster is unpredictable force majeure, but the emergency response capacity of each enterprise was strongly praised the relevant units, they also sent a follow-up to the rescue Yuyao urban and rural support team performance is worthy of our thumbs.

Wang said after the meeting, business club members hold such events is a good bridge allows communication between the various corporate communications and strengthen feelings. Understand you real-time dynamic observed market trends and prospects. He is also convinced that everybody in the face of disaster Yao providers must be no fear, only after a disaster Yuezhanyueyong.

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