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November 9, the company's new plant construction on the site, site leveling has been completed. Construction team, 218 42-meter-high pile, piling machine is ready. Bulldozers, earthmoving car shuttle. On a busy construction site.

9:00 sharp, the people responsible for the project construction 邵春生, Xujian Jiang, Tan Ho Ming, project design unit - in Zhejiang and Minister Chen Yueming Architectural Design Co., Ltd., the project construction unit - Zhejiang Wanli Holding Group Co., Ltd., general manager Yu Yunan, project Kancha units - ground Treatment technology Co., Ltd. Ningbo big Lou membered aromatic, Pro project management unit - I Yao Hongji construction Engineering Manager Pro management Limited SHI Cheng-hua, project Quality Supervision Unit - Yuyao Quality Supervision station facilities engineers the staff went to the scene to participate in a brief ceremony piling. When piling sonorous sound, marking the company's second phase matching dormitory, canteen into a substantive structural engineering construction, the main works are also expected to advance.

Project is divided in two parts dormitory and cafeteria, the company invested 30 million yuan. There are two six-story dormitory building part, building area 14,268 square meters, the cafeteria floor frame structure portion has a building area of 2,970 square meters, a total of 17,238 square meters. After the completion of the project will address the 1300 staff accommodation problems, provide a better environment for dinner. Two supporting dormitories, canteens project is expected in September 2014 the fastest completion in November 2014 employees can be fully accommodated. According to the plan, the company will be on the staff quarters in the late fusion of landscape layout, increase the green area of the river remediation, roads construction, to create more natural and casual employees more comfortable living environment.

(Reporter He Jingjing photo)

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