Gretel emergency starting, to rescue Yao City

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Typhoon No. 23 this year, "Buffett" Yao city to bring strong precipitation, 70% of the city flooded, basically paralyzed city traffic, some areas electricity, water, communication interruption, the city Shoulao serious.

October 9 -10, Yuyao flood after the siege, the company branch, the Communist Youth League, trade unions, Fu can actively respond to the combined company's Armed Forces Department, part of the emergency deployment of militia work being produced, assembled a 35-person, three car emergency squad composition, camouflage uniform, specialized high-speed intersection Yuyao rushed to support the front. Divided into two teams, arranged in Hangzhou, Ningbo, two high-speed intersection, is mainly responsible for the handling and shuttle relief supplies and rescue teams to lead the way and so on. Brought together from around the country to ensure Yuyao rescue teams and relief supplies can be the first time to enter Yuyao hinterland, is in dire straits victims to send a warm.

Yuyao most important high-speed traffic congestion entrance, where acceptance of the relief supplies from across the country, relief supplies from the collection of the vehicle in all directions, after entering Yuyao City, guiding the company through the emergency squad from Yuyao exit speed toward the town go again , along the beam contour, probably go thirty-four kilometers, you can see Yuyao third vocational and technical schools. Supplies and rescue workers coming from the intersection of all three vocational schools are concentrated. Slightly higher because of the terrain, the distance highway exit near Yuyao, three vocational school to become a temporary disaster headquarters, rescue forces dispatch centers, relief supplies transit center, where the responsibility of the Party Organization Department uniform.

Two days of rescue work, adhere to 10 o'clock at night, many of the militia companies were flooded his home to the waist, there is no home drainage, but insisted on a rescue job, work closely with other transport relief supplies and rescue personnel to carry out the work. Reflects the company's militia sacrificing great achievement of my selfless dedication. According to statistics, a total of Front row rescue Gretel militiamen during the boot of the vehicle 50 times, for a private rescue team carrying supplies nearly 10 vehicles, reflecting the usual row Gretel militiamen to serve the people, with emergency contingency, wartime military challenge quality.

Pictured Gretel militiamen row ready to start.

Pictured Gretel militia carrying supplies.

Pictured company vice president vehicles on safe passage.

Pictured Gretel militiamen row pending instructions.

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