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November 24, "thousands of people plan" national expert, Smart Robot Systems, Inc. CEO Dr. Sun Yunquan leader, accompanied by a pedestrian in Yuyao Economic and Information Technology Bureau, the investigation came to visit our company robotics applications. My company Shao Chunsheng, deputy general manager and manager's reception guests wood Zhu Chun.

I am in the implementation of this year's "technological renovation and expansion project," to spend more than 30 million yuan to purchase a "Yasukawa MH6 welding robot" for the production of three to use. Dr Sun is highly appreciated by our company instead of doing welding robot welding initiatives, and learn more about the characteristics and requirements of our welding process and the problems and difficulties in the operation using welding robots encountered. The end of the study, Dr. Sun Shao, vice president and exchanged business cards, two sides agreed to establish technical cooperation in the future, by the guidance of Dr. Sun I developed using intelligent robots for production operations. Future I will promote the use of multiple aspects of the manufacturing robots and automated production lines operating, efforts to reduce manufacturing costs, ease labor shortages, and promote rapid and healthy development of enterprises.

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