Gretel League second meeting this year

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November 30 15:00 pm Cultural Center on the second floor at the company party activity centers League held its second meeting of the year. Participants Xujian Jiang Party branch secretary for the company, the company secretary of the Communist Youth League Tang Qi, deputy secretary Fan Jianwen company should China red, members of the Communist Youth League organizations Wangqing, publicity committee is satisfied that good count, stylistic members left Mei Qi, member of Sanchi fly and life corporate executives, production one, two, three league secretary.

The meeting, the Communist Youth League secretary Tang Qi, the newly appointed members will present a brief introduction and branch secretary and summarize the work of the Communist Youth League Quarter: July during the visit with the children of company employees Menglin residence, understand Menglin story, rich kids extracurricular life. In August the company employees with children to the Pro Wei Xiang Shan Park vineyard picking grapes, so that workers exceptionally wonderful children's summer vacation. League also plans to hold a Youth League activities for the whole company in the next month, which is the main purpose of this meeting to discuss next month's Youth League activities. Branch secretary Xujian Jiang said: Company Manager's Office is to support the company also attaches great importance to organizing various activities. Busy production season, how to get a reasonable organization, how to plan, the Communist Youth League and the League branch to play a role in driving the company's members to actively participate in the activities. I hope all of you as a representative of the Mission branch inside to have a certain effect.

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