The new factory continue to improve infrastructure

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Recently, the new plant infrastructure Gretel into the final construction phase, the entire piece together a complete new plant gradually, whether employees or equipment. Compared with the old plant, 20,0000 square meters of factory production to meet the yearly venue needs. Company security laughs bigger factory, bicycle patrols have to spend, so we can save some time.

October 26, six new plant south guard attendance machine in use, effectively solves the evening peak attendance of employees in case of congestion. Staff at the new plant in South guard bicycle, battery shed and put into use, standardized, clean, and beautiful. Eliminate the staff vehicles everywhere Luantingluanfang phenomenon. By the end of October, the new asphalt plant was completed and out of the container drivers have praised. The new plant in North guard recently been cleaned and will be used as a staff car parking spaces, and have someone manage these vehicles. Green is currently in front of the new plant started, I believe that after some time, Gretel will bring a new look to meet all complete with visiting guests.

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