Gretel companies to participate in the fall of 201

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October 21, 2013 - October 28, 2011, by the Division I Trade Wang Lijun, Xiong Cuiping, Guo Hui Fan exhibition team composed Gretel to attend the 114th Canton Fair in Guangzhou. Our booth number is located 13.2C09, 13.2C10, 13.2B37, 13.2C38, adequate space, product display good effect. The booth was decorated in European style, romantic arrangement with our company's product mix together, is extremely beautiful. Exhibitors brought new guests rattan products are warmly consulting, new families join Gretel iron mesh products also attracted many visitors stop to ask. Fan Guo Hui salesman, said: "The results show exhibitors better overall, in the case of market downturn, there are many guests choose Gretel this brand, many strong intention guests, but also a good agreement to come to our company to visit."

Fair is one of the most influential communication display platform, businesses and guests to participate in mobility. Gretel with customers each year do not miss the opportunity to exchange ideas and peer businesses. I believe in the clerk's efforts, more and more tourists from the Fair will stabilize.

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