Company held new employee orientation

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October 12, new employees by the deputy general manager and executive manager of the company 徐建江 red Siegel chaired orientation was held at the Cultural Center Auditorium on the third floor. Taking into account the higher number, is divided into two conferences held. Participants for the production of one, two, three, and in charge of new employees into the company in the near future.

The training is mainly divided into the following three parts:

First, the company rules and regulations, employee handbook introduction and learning. New employees understand the company's rules and regulations is weak, to be held in the beginning of such training to work on their follow-up work has a good role in the promotion, all kinds of rules about the company, such as employees conduct daily management system, employee labor contracts management system, reward system and so on.

Second, the introduction of corporate culture and learning. The company has introduced the "Gretel Culture Handbook", including company profiles and an organization chart, Ningbo Great Leisure Products Co., Ltd. development process, corporate culture and value system and so on. On the other hand is content with the company's personnel management system and relevant rules of daily business operations, including the company's business conduct guidelines and employee business conduct their everyday conduct, probation staff management, labor contract management, performance and compensation, training and development, occupational health and safety management, incentive management, corporate interests and trade secrets protection. Development of these systems and rules both to ensure the smooth and efficient operation, but also to make better use of employees in the company, develop themselves, to achieve their career goals and ideals.

Third, production safety, traffic safety. This is among the most important production management, in their daily work, employee injuries common occurrence, most of them because the operation is not standardized, due to a lack of safety awareness. Secondly, should pay attention to traffic safety. The new plant is relatively large, with more staff directly into the car, it will cause a lot of security risks. Relevant message indicates that a factory employee in the factory area of the accident. All the staff members outside the plant area and traffic safety is bound to arouse our attention.

New employee orientation is a vaccination is a recipe that only allow new employees to learn the content, not only in the follow-up work to start easier, and have a good education and guidance role, always learning, preventing security risks, which the intention is also to hold training, Shi Jingli said.

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