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January 2014, "Gretel my home" theme real estate project officially started, the name proposed "China Xin home." In the company's core values: "Under Gretel my home," the leadership of the senior leadership will always give top priority to the interests of employees, which is very important words to live and work. Hua Xin home is positioned in the high-end community, is to make all employees in the company to have a five-star home. Delicate personality, perfectionism, only Hua Xin withstand your picky; under the banner of the national high-tech enterprises, the introduction of talent, retaining talent is the task, which company leaders invest a lot of effort and time to plan this a blueprint! The project consists of the design, Zhejiang and Architectural Design Co., Ltd. Ningbo An Dong development and construction of real estate development.

Hua Xin homes located in Yuyao City Huangjiabu five cars weir xingshan road on the north side plots, near State Road 329, from employees reality, the first on the block with a convenient traffic conditions, excellent landscape resources and improve surrounding facilities, is an ideal place livable. The latter company will also introduce various shopping malls, supermarkets and other convenience employee lives. Moreover, China Jiayuan natural gas through the home's function is to everyday life brought endless convenience. In view of the land in which the location and current market demand, the project will develop a pure high-rise residential construction in high-end residential area, fully utilize and reflect the beautiful natural landscape Huangjiabu conditions and deep cultural heritage. Advocating natural, elegant, casual lifestyle. For its employees truly feel the warmth of home.

The project planned total land area 16,667 square meters, total construction area of 26,817 square meters on the ground, of which 21,813 square meters of residential space, power distribution room 190 m2, property management, community and business houses 241 square meters. Volume rate of 1.63. Building covers an area of 5320 square meters, the building density of 31.9%, Green 30%, the total number of 220 residential parking spaces 197 (of which 126 surface parking spaces, underground parking spaces 71). We developed a variety of residential units, to meet the different needs of diverse employees. To small and medium-sized units, apartments and single family units based. Who says, in essence, to live is to meet human needs, it is able to display the status and influence people's lives and gives meaning and value of existence. In Hua Xin, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the pursuit of man and nature, man and man, man and his own spiritual world to communicate the best, most harmonious state, seeking interpersonal communication between cells in harmony, so that people achieve self-hearts one kind of calmness realm.

Gretel my home, in this leisurely town, living a life of leisure, leisurely now seems to have a hint of Tao Nan Shan that ...... this is the corporate home in the true sense, people-oriented, Gretel's family members are happiness!

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